Cross.wind: (noun) DeFinition - A wind Blowing across one's direction of travel

Many influences compete for the hearts and minds of Christian youth today. When we look around us, it often seems that no one else cares about being a disciple of Christ and following the teachings of Scripture. Pressure is strong, and many of our friends are swept up in the world's direction of travel, unable to resist or find grounding for their faith.

Yet there are youth who are growing in faith and discipleship, pursuing God and His kingdom. They follow a counter current – a crosswind – that is at odds with the culture around them. They are motivated by the cross of Christ and filled with the fresh wind of the Holy Spirit. If this is your desire, we invite you to join us on a journey to the heart of God. Crosswind exists as a voice of this counter current, pointing out the path of wisdom, encouraging the weary, and sharing stories and experiences of those daring great things for Christ.