Our Purpose

To challenge young men and women to faithfully follow Jesus, boldly pursue wisdom, and actively serve the world around them.

Our Values

Build biblical literacy and devotion to the Scriptures by faithfully handling the Word of God. Share the practical outworking of truth in daily life, from an Anabaptist perspective.

Promote a set-apart way of life that settles for nothing less than obedience to God. Guide young people in developing maturity, integrity, and godly character in their lives.

Equip youth to thrive in the relationships God has placed into their lives and to whole-heartedly serve their churches and families. Connect young believers pursuing Jesus to a community of like-minded youth.

Invite youth to recognize their responsibility to mankind and to join in God’s mission of salvation to the world. Cultivate global awareness by highlighting international places, events, and workers.

Magnify the name and authority of Jesus. Celebrate the work that God is doing by recounting His goodness and the stories He writes.