What's Inside

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A light-hearted factual column that researches the invention of a common object or food product; the development of an idiom or saying; or answers a history, math, or science question.

Columnist: Brock Lehman

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A feature-length article on a topic appealing especially to guys.

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A brief look at a Biblical word in its original language, sharing the context, nuances, and intended meaning.

Columnist: Julian Stoltzfus


An uplifting fictional story.

Fiction Writer: Michelle Kennell

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A recent poem written by an Anabaptist.

Poetry Editor: Claudia Lehman

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Anabaptists in diverse careers answer the question, “What is it like to be a Christian in my field?” They share personal experiences, give advice to youth considering their line of work, and describe how their work provides them opportunities to build God’s kingdom.

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A creative sketch of a Biblical character based on Scripture and dramatized for the imagination.

Columnist: Meghan Brubaker

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Photo tour introducing readers to a teenage guest photographer’s home city, neighborhood, or community. Includes a short written introduction and description of pictured locations.


Information about mission and service organizations, places of learning, camps, and events that are opportunities for youth. Short descriptions written by contributors who have personally served with or studied at the organization, plus a sidebar to highlight upcoming events or urgent needs.

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A feature-length article on a topic appealing especially to girls.

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An interview with a teenager who has pursued unusual opportunities, lives in an out-of-the-ordinary setting, or has faced unique challenges. Examples include youth on the mission field, youth who have started a business or a ministry, or youth who have faced serious health challenges or live with a disability.


4-5 articles written by staff or guest writers that explore a range of topics in greater depth, including themes of theology and doctrine, practical application, life lessons, relationships, and missions and global awareness.

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True, encouraging stories that glorify God and inspire greater faith. Examples include stories of answered prayer, God's provision, miracles, and conversions.

Columnist: Margaret Slabaugh

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